Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


-When payment in full for cabinets is made, we schedule completion date for pick-up or delivery. There is a 3% surcharge on credit or debit payments. Check or money order preferred.

-We have a 7 to 10-day turnaround usually. Subject to change based on inventory shortages and increased volume of business.

-If this is a rush order and completion is 5 or less days from payment, the order is non-changeable or cancellable.

-About 5 days before your scheduled completion date we begin assembling and no changes can be made. Non-refundable. 

-50% restock fee applies to any already assembled cabinet, even if it has not been delivered or picked up. Cabinets are made to order, and we have limited storage.

-The delivery fee is paid at the time of delivery. It is $161 after tax for local delivery. See map.

-If you need to change the date of delivery or pick-up and the cabinets are already built, we provide a 7-day grace period from the original completion date before we assess $20 a day storage fees. Ex: Pick-up was Wednesday at 10am. You will have until the following Wednesday by 4pm to pick up.

-Once cabinets are in client’s possession after delivery, damage or defect must be reported within 48 hours for guaranteed replacement or correction. After 48 hours, it must be reviewed by management.

-If cabinets are being picked-up, client must look them over before leaving as road hazards may occur.

-We do not provide discounts or refunds for any issues. We will offer a reasonable accommodation or solution. We always strive to correct any situation.

-Returns must be approved by management and approval will be based on cabinet quantity and style selected. There is a 50% cabinet restock fee/15% on trims. Cabinets/Trims must be in original condition with packaging.
-All single door cabinets will be hinged on the right. Please review hinging with your installer before you drill any holes for handles to ensure that placement is what you want.
-Oven cabinets and Apron Sink cabinets are built so that they can be cut-to-size by your installer to fit your sink or oven. It is up to the installer to know how to do this. Additional supports are always needed for apron sinks and ovens.
-Different wood types are used for building the cabinet, which is normal in cabinetry, solid wood frames and plywood sides. Finished sides may vary slightly from the frame and door.
-Designs are suggestions. Please review with installer to ensure functionality in the space.
-IWC Cabinetry does not offer in-house installation. We are not responsible for installer behavior, error or workmanship. Feedback on installers is appreciated though.

I, ________________________________________ acknowledge that I have read the terms and conditions for IWC Cabinetry. I agree to these terms. By signing, I also acknowledge that additional terms and conditions apply and are available to view on the business website.


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