IWC Cabinetry paint agreement

IWC Cabinetry
6601 Huntley Rd Ste A
Columbus, OH 43229

PAINTED FINISH PRODUCT DISCLOSURE Wood of all species is hygroscopic, meaning that it is vulnerable to the humidity and temperature of its environment, and will thus lose or gain moisture and consequently shrink or swell depending on the ambient environment. Even protective coatings cannot prevent this movement, they merely retard the process.

When the final product is painted, the solid colored paints and glazes mask the joints on assembled face frames, doors, drawer fronts, and solid glued – up panels and accessories.

When there are fluctuations in the temperature and humidity of the environment, the wood components shrink or swell accordingly, sometimes resulting in the joints becoming visible in the form of small hairline cracks reflecting where the components are fitted during the assembly process. This is a natural phenomenon that can be minimized by maintaining a stable environment. The strength and integrity of the door is not compromised by these hairline cracks. Because this is a natural occurrence, the manufacturer or IWC Cabinetry, LLC cannot accept responsibility for the inherent properties of wood and wood products, specifically hairline cracks that occur when environmental changes transpire.

As a prospective purchaser of this product, we want you to be fully informed of the above characteristics. A product cannot be produced without these characteristics, so it is important that you agree these characteristics are acceptable.

Additionally, due to the nature of how the factory paints the cabinets, nicks and other normal wear and tear are likely to occur. Once the cabinets are received, IWC Cabinetry, LLC cannot be held accountable for these after the recommended damage reporting window. By signing, you agree that you understand that this is a product where minor reasonable imperfections may occur.


I, _____________________________________________, have read and understand the above characteristics of wood, color consistency, and color fastness of applied finishes on maple wood. I agree not to hold the manufacturer or IWC Cabinetry, LLC responsible for these characteristics. Please proceed with my order and provide the product for my home.


Sign and Date:_____________________________

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